About Indosoc

Who is Indosoc?

It started off as a society within the University of Sheffield with the same name: Indosoc. When Sheffield Hallam University was established, many Indonesian students were also coming in to study there. At the same time, other society members apart from students also came and lived in around South Yorkshire area, particularly in Sheffield, Barnsley, and Rotherham. Naturally, as years went by, student members became alumni. Most of them went back home to Indonesia. Some of them stayed, moved to other cities, or even to other countries. And yet, one thing stays the same: Indosoc, which now embraces a wider society than just Indonesian students living in Sheffield.

We mainly communicate with each other through our mailing list. However, with the advancement of technology, this website – a companion to our mailing list – provides a wider choice of disseminating information to our members and also to those Indonesians who are coming to live in Sheffield.

Sejak bertahun-tahun yang lalu, Sheffield menjadi menjadi tujuan bagi para pelajar yang menuntut ilmu di UK. Walaupun mengalami pasang surut dari sisi jumlah, tetapi Sheffield tidak pernah ditinggalkan oleh pelajar asal Indonesia. Di sisi lain, banyak juga kaum expatriate UK yang datang ke Indonesia membina keluarga dengan anak bangsa dan membawa mereka kembali ke UK, termasuk Sheffield. Gabungan antara pelajar, anak bangsa Indonesia, alumni pelajar Indonesia di Sheffield -yang karena satu dan lain hal kemudian menetap di Sheffield-, juga ditambah dengan para simpatisan Indonesia, membentuk Masyarakat Indonesia di Sheffield. Namun karena letak kota Sheffield yang unik, yang terletak di South Yorkshire yang berbatasan dengan Derbyshire, maka ada beberapa di antara anggota masyarakat Indonesia tersebut bertempat tinggal di rural area sekitar Sheffield, yang termasuk di Derbyshire. Oleh karena itulah, Indosoc.Org.UK berslogan: Masyarakat Indonesia di South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and sekitarnya.

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