#FreedomToBreathe: What Indonesian Students in Sheffield Say about Haze

Haze is getting terrible this year in Indonesia. Many people are struggling to get fresh air in Sumatera, Kalimantan, even Papua, while the forests are burning. Being more than 7,000 miles away from the country does not prevent Indonesian students here, in Sheffield, to raise concerns and awareness about that problem. Here is their opinion, anger, and hope related to haze problems in Indonesia:

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Angklung Indosoc Sheffield on GCN ISIC 2014

Angklung Sheffield

Angklung Sheffield

Dalam rangka menyambut hari Sumpah Pemuda 28 Oktober 2014, PPIUK berkolaborasi dengan Kedutaan Besar Indonesia untuk Britania Raya kembali menyelenggarakan ISIC (Indonesian Scholars International Convention) untuk keempat belas kalinya. Adapun tema ISIC pada tahun ini: Rediscovering Indonesia’s Potential Facing The Challenge of ASEAN Economic Community”. ISIC sendiri merupakan kegiatan yang berisi beberapa rangkain acara seperti Conference, Debate Competition, Photography Competition, Call of Paper, dan Gala Cultural Night. Continue reading