From the viewpoint of Indonesian Students

Sheffield lies on the borders of Yorkshire and Derbyshire and was once famous as the original steel city for producing cutlery and tools. It is the fifth largest city in the UK, is surrounded by beautiful countryside and there are over 50 parks within its boundaries. Almost half of Sheffield falls within the Peak District National Park, whose hills, moorlands, rivers and ravines make an exciting addition to the more usual English landscape of undulating meadows, golden corn fields and thatched cottages. The city is supported with a lively nightlife consisting of city centre bars, pubs and clubs, with plenty of restaurants, shops. It is also home to Meadowhall, the second largest shopping complex of its type in Europe. The Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield Arena and the City Hall stage every rock, pop and classical music tour visiting Britain. The Don Valley stadium is also used to host national and international athletics and team sporting events.There are two universities in Sheffield, the University of Sheffield, which is the oldest one, founded in 1905, and the place where I am studying and the second one is the Sheffield Hallam University. Both main campuses are in the central part of the city, but the university buildings spread into the surrounding countryside. Both universities have large students union representing over 50,000 students who study here and they fund over many societies reflecting the huge range of interests shared by students.(Hira Meidia-2001)


Sheffield used to be a metal industrial city and now, while most industrial areas are abandoned, it is developed as University City and ´modern culture industries´. There are two universities located in this city: University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University.

It is quite hard to find a city in Indonesia, which has similar townscape as Sheffield. Perhaps because Indonesian cities are just ´recently´ developed their industrial area and the urban-rural places forms between Indonesia and Britain is not comparable. As an Indonesian student living here, in our view Sheffield is a good place to live compare to other cities in Britain because of the low living cost and all the places for student´s activities, such as city centre and university campuses, are within walking distance. However, if you are Indonesian and try to find a place to study in Britain, we would advice you to make sure that you come to a university that really suitable to your expectation and study program that you wish to accomplish. As a learning process, an academic study does not depend on the facilities provided. It depends on the student´s motivation to learn and ability to comprehend the curriculum materials.(Wiwik D. Pratiwi-2001)

One thought on “From the viewpoint of Indonesian Students

  1. hi, my name is Indah. I’m Indonesian. I’ve read your blog, and Your review really helps me.I have plan to continue my study in UK. And I got a newspaper about scholarship in Sheffield Hallam University.
    Is it true that Shiffeild has a low-living-cost? What about people in there? Are they welcome to the students from abroad? Especially from Indonesia?

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